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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Related Oral And Maxillofacial Services

ORAL MEDICINE - Diagnosis and treatment of lesions, tumors, and other diseases of the mouth and jaws.

PRE-PROSTHETIC SURGERY - Preparation of the jaws to receive new dentures; including bone and tissue grafting and repositioning of gum tissue.

FACIAL INJURIES - Diagnosis and treatment of traumatic injuries of the face, jaws, mouth or teeth such as fractures and lacerations.

MANAGEMENT OF FACIAL PAIN - Diagnosis and treatment of facial, muscular and TMJ pain.

INFECTIONS - Diagnosis and treatment of dental, oral and facial infections.

CONTROLLING PAIN AND ANXIETY - Intravenous sedation and general anesthesia utilized during surgical procedure.

LASER SURGERY - State of the Art CO2 Laser is utilized for certain surgeries of the mouth and removal of skin lesions of the face and neck. With a CO2 laser there is usually no cutting with a surgical blade, there is no bleeding, and normally no stitches are needed.